Who We Are

We are Creating and our being is primary. We champion freedom, love & power for every one. We create what is as we think, speak and act. Through creating more beautiful lives, we create a more beautiful world.


Our Story

Creating was built to make a more beautiful world by championing individuals’ power to create everything they love.

Our philosophy is the outgrowth of founder John Patrick Morgan’s 25+ years personal study and mentorship of those seeking more in life.

Our commitment is that every student of Creating gains the power to create and have it all on both the inside and out.

Whether it’s more money, deeper love, greater impact, fulfilling relationships, improved health, consistent success, inner peace, more joy, or all of this and more, we champion your total success.

Our community of creators grows through the programs we provide and supports every student to thrive both inwardly and outwardly.

Our family of Creating Champions each embody and teach the Creating perspectives and practices daily and our students come back again and again because the work we do and the community we’ve built has such a profound impact on their lives.

We are unlike any other spiritual, personal, or business development company.

We help people to transcend not only their personal limitations but the social-cultural limitations they didn’t even know existed. We undermine the status quo of what work should look like, how money can be made, how to have a good relationship, and even what’s needed to be happy.

Another important distinction is that students of Creating don’t just ‘transform’. Beyond this, they develop the ability to continuously create themselves anew as they are called to something greater and/or as the circumstances of their lives change.

Finally, students of Creating do not simply discover their value, they become their own evaluators; able and willing to leverage the infinite value of Being.

Through radical self-realization in the Creating perspective, we help the creators in our community to reach new heights of achievement and experience in life.

As a result, they become not only masters of their world, but also inevitable servants of a greater possibility for humanity.

“Beauty was not simply something to behold; it was something one could do.”

Toni Morrison

John Patrick Morgan

Philosopher & Creating Founder

John Patrick Morgan is a Philosopher and Champion for Being whose life purpose is to serve the one person in front of him, right here and right now. To see them fully, to create who they are and to make a meaningful difference for them honestly and completely.

John Patrick Morgan is a Philosopher and Champion for Being.

He leads a team of Creating Champions who teach, coach, and guide thousands of entrepreneurs and artists in being more free, loving, and powerful. By learning and embodying the Creating perspective, their clients achieve a union of outcomes in spiritual growth, material success, and social impact.

Post his formal studies in Physics and Mathematics, John Patrick built multiple small businesses (including one from a laptop and a backpack before the term ‘digital nomad’ existed), developed real estate, traveled the world for years on end, coached human rights leaders, recorded albums & toured with his band, created a kids library in Cambodia, learned to scuba dive & pilot gliders, published writing and photography, competed as a black belt & triathlete, trained with Buddhist monks in India, cycled toured for months and many other adventures. In recent years, his adventures have turned inward as his family came to be. He and his wife now reside with their two young boys in the countryside at 4000′ on a mountain in Maui.

The foundation of John Patrick Morgan’s role as a philosopher, teacher, and guide, is his being a real-world practitioner. He walks his talk, lives what he teaches, and has a genuine and powerful commitment to creating everybody.


Ciara Kennedy

Creating Director

Ciara Kennedy is a mother in London with a moon house in her garden and the whole world in her heart. Ciara is my business manager, partner in caring for clients, a constant source of grounding and my best friend forever.

“I was pushed to grow in the skills that really matter; being love, embodying my coaching and most importantly, making asks. I ultimately made $28,500 in sales in those 8 weeks through these practices.”

Rachel Hamlin, Leadership Coach

Darren Farfan

Creating Champion

Darren Farfan is a Master Creator with a successful coaching and consulting business working with groups of women, non-profit leaders and Olympians. He understands and embodies Being a Champion in all senses of the word. Darren is a husband and father of three living in Trinidad and Tobago.


Lindsey Capp

Creating Champion

Lindsey Capp is a mother of three and one of the UK’s top Emotional Intelligence trainers. Her coaching of teams in the corporate world and with entrepreneurs helps them all create both a richer emotional and financial life.

Lindsey has an incredible and warm way of connecting with others. So much so that in the year of lockdown she created £150k from her bedroom, doing exactly that through her speciality and art of emotional intelligence. She is an international Coach, Trainer and Speaker. She really proves that anything is possible no matter what difficulties you may experience in life.


Jamie Rogers

Creating Support

Jamie is a dog mom of 3 and is a Champion of Support. Her passionate work allows those she serves to better focus on client delivery and how they serve their clients. Her being has a way of charging everything she creates with her own spirit as she strives to keep her clients in their zone of genius.


Layne Todd Cornell

Client Champion

Layne Todd Cornell is the Intuition Technician. He is a poet and a teacher who is passionate about helping others access their own answers. He is committed to pursuing truth and beauty and looks for the good in all things. Layne has profound way of listening with his heart. He has a deep love for practical spirituality, especially in the realm of business.

He lives in Austin with his dog Buddy where he enjoys creating music and helping entrepreneurs create clients, culture, and capital.