Why I Ran a Marathon Without Training

“You get good at what you do.” That was the thought in my head as the race started and within the first mile, I was at the rear of the pack of 200 or so runners. I had still over 25 miles to go and my legs were already hurting. They were hurting because aRead More

Allow Everything. Accommodate Very Little.

There are four women I’d like to introduce you to. The first three women are dealing with internal struggles and/or a lack of power. They are anxious and/or unable to create what they want in the world. The fourth woman can already see through the distinction I am going to share with you. As aRead More

The Gentle Art of Early Morning Self Cultivation

Every day I rise before the sun and sit out on our deck in the starlight with my notebook and pen. This time while my wife and sons are still asleep is golden; an opportunity to sit undisturbed and create who I will be for them and the world throughout the day ahead. Creating andRead More

Kill Your Self Before You Create Your Self

If you would like to create something new in your life, look first at the identity you have that stands in the way of your success. When I was a dating coach, I had to kill that identity so that I could create myself as an entrepreneur coach. Since then, I have been through multipleRead More

Ownership is Victimhood

To experience total freedom in your life, you must be willing to transcend the ideas that have empowered your growth up to now. One such idea is that in order to be free of an experience, you must own it. Ownership, as an experience, is an expression of a desire for control. Ownership, we canRead More

Hate is Love

Hate is anger Anger is hurt Hurt is love Hate is love The only reason a person ever feels angry is because they are hurting. The only reason a person ever hurts is because they love. A person that is hating on people is filled with the same passion as a person that is experiencingRead More

Risk Nothing to Risk Everything

When I make an investment, I go all in. If you follow my work you will know that it’s no secret that I take a high risk, high reward path in the growth of my business and my life. I do this because I know that the greater the risk I tolerate, the greater theRead More

Being a Champion

In a recent meeting with our Creating team, I was filled with passion for a distinction that lives at the heart of Creating. That distinction is one we call ‘Being a Champion’. We use the word ‘Champion’ in both its senses, precisely because the apparent duality of meanings presents a paradoxical possibility that is veryRead More

Why to Love What You Do Wrong

The singular question that I ask repeatedly of both myself and my clients is “How are you Creating this?” This question is often met with resistance, and if that is happening for you then I invite you to consider the following – Not wanting to acknowledge and explore the ways in which you are CreatingRead More

Being Plutonium - Your Self-Belief is the Gift

Self-belief and a strong sense of your value is foundational to your ability to create clients and revenue, but not in the way that you might think. Self-belief is not just what has you be willing to take action or be confident in taking those actions. Self-belief is actually a gift in and of itself.Read More