Where Are Potential Clients Hiding?

Where are all the people with the problems you can solve? If only you knew where they were hiding, then you could go there and help them. When you helped them, they would experience the value of your service.  When they experienced that value, they would want more of your service. When they wanted more,Read More

DEAR WOMAN: I Surrender!

When I asked Kalpna to marry me, I didn’t get down on one knee. I got down on both knees.  This wasn’t planned. It just kind of happened.  We’ve joked about it since.  “Remember when I was on my knees begging you to marry me?”  Jokes aside though, over the years, I’ve reflected a numberRead More

DEAR WOMAN: Your Weird is Your Power

Dear Inanna, You glide when you walk. It is as if you float, bridging the heavens with the earthly plane.  Your commitment to navigating and interpreting the dreamscape is a gift to those tethered to a material world. What you call weird, I call your power to create.  You are not weird simply in theRead More

DEAR WOMAN: Your Beauty is Not Your Best

Dear Tessa, You are more than beautiful.  By this, I don’t mean that you are more beautiful than average. You know that already. I mean that the beauty you are praised for, the beauty you have traded on in your life, is not the extent of you. In fact, your physicality is far from yourRead More

DEAR WOMAN: Fall in Love With the Pain of Love

Dear Jacqueline, Fear not. Nobody will take your child from you. No man. No state. No god.  I love and honor your commitment to do no harm. Your loving heart knows no bounds. And yet, at this time, I challenge, as your friend and your coach, that to do no harm to your family mayRead More

DEAR WOMAN: Your Success is a Win for the World

Dear Leah, You can be paid so much more money for the work you already do. You don’t need to do anything else for people. You simply need to recognize the massive value you are already creating for people, not just through what you’re doing, but through who you are being. Call it therapy, callRead More

Dear Woman

[Whether you’re a man or a woman, please follow what I write here and in the articles that follow for the possibilities it creates for you. For the men in particular, please read with a listening for the possibility of who you can be with and for the women in your life.] Dear Kalpna, YouRead More

How to Be Free

1. Do Not Give a Fuck What People Think About You (by loving their freedom as much as your own). 2. Break the Rules (especially the ones you are scared to break). 3. Question Everything You Believe (about yourself and the world, including your belief that you are willing to question everything). 4. Walk AwayRead More

Surrender Collapse | A Great Power to Create

My cat was just sitting there on the rock wall between my driveway and the kids’ playground on the side of our house. She wasn’t hunting. She was just sitting there, not doing anything.  What struck me at that moment was that she didn’t seem worried about anything at all. Her mind seemed vacant. HerRead More

The End of Self-Help - Part 2

Ten years ago, while walking through a crowded train station in central London, I stopped and with a wide-angle lens, I shot an impromptu 3-minute and 48-second rant about how I was Sick of Self-Help.  Having just reviewed the video brought back fond memories of how wild and free I was then, capturing my thoughtsRead More