The Winds of Circumstance

We had our friends over for our second son’s birthday party—the one we named Rumi after the Persian poet. Until recently when people he met for the first time asked how old he was, he would say ‘seven’ since that’s how old his brother was.  That is until he, for some reason, got the ideaRead More

The Essence of Having

The thing about having was something I figured out in my hammock on a day in which I’d been reading the dry philosophical work of Martin Heidegger. I like dry philosophy in the same way one might like dry wine. The displeasure of it is part of its character. There’s something pleasurable about what you don’t likeRead More

Doubt is the Call of Belonging

Last night, I had a conversation with a mentor. He is someone that I have looked up to and admired for a long time. We spoke about how conscious leadership is slowly making its way into realms where there is an absolute political and corporate power. The light is getting in. My mentor expressed doubtRead More

From Stress to Serenity

Using my foot to push off the column holding up my front porch, I rocked myself in the hammock. Not one of those lay-down kind of hammocks. It was one of the swinging chair types that hangs from above and in which you are sat more upright. I loved sitting out there and swinging gently inRead More

ANCHOR TO THE WIND: How to Be a Good Person

A couple of weeks ago, I privately shared an insight I’d had with a friend. They were impacted by it and suggested I share it more widely.  I said that I would. But I didn’t.  At least not yet.  I’m telling you this to prepare me to share it with you, now and here.  ButRead More

The Greenest Grass: This is Creating

“We have the greenest grass.” This simple statement holds the prism of the Creating perspective up to the light. By simply speaking it, and allowing your mind to wander with all the things it might mean and do, you can discover all the angles for Creating.  It came through me while free-writing last week asRead More

How to Create Courage

“That guy is grounded AF.” That’s what my British friend said over the phone the other day. Except he didn’t say ‘AF’.  He went on to share that although he’d never been politically active, if he lived in the USA he too would support Robert F Kennedy Jr’s campaign for president.  I’ve been thinking aRead More

Make All the Money You Need

“I don’t need money. I only need my mouth.” This is something I said to my father a few years ago when he was asking me how things were going financially shortly after buying our farm in Maui. Cash flow had gotten tight with the sudden rise in expenses both at home and in theRead More

Where Are Potential Clients Hiding?

Where are all the people with the problems you can solve? If only you knew where they were hiding, then you could go there and help them. When you helped them, they would experience the value of your service.  When they experienced that value, they would want more of your service. When they wanted more,Read More

DEAR WOMAN: I Surrender!

When I asked Kalpna to marry me, I didn’t get down on one knee. I got down on both knees.  This wasn’t planned. It just kind of happened.  We’ve joked about it since.  “Remember when I was on my knees begging you to marry me?”  Jokes aside though, over the years, I’ve reflected a numberRead More