Creating Journeys

All Creating Journeys require a substantial commitment of time, energy, and money. Powerful commitment creates a container capable of supporting the deep and often challenging work that we do.

Each Creating Journey includes the opportunity for live, one-to-one Creating Dialogue with one of our masterful Creating Champions. As you will discover, Creating Journeys are not for the uncommitted or faint-of-heart.

“Creator’s Circle is like watching a great biopic of someone’s life except we see it unfold live.”

John Durkin, Executive Coach & Behavioral Psychologist


Alles is a self-study course in Creating Dialogue – a simple process for speaking with yourself and others – that gives you the extraordinary power to create EVERYTHING you want for the rest of your life. Alles is perfect for coaches, leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, parents, and anyone seeking more power to create through speaking, both inwardly and outwardly.

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Creating Being

Designed for anyone seeking a life of greater freedom, love, and power to create what they want, this intensive 8-week immersive course trains you in the mastery of consciously creating yourself and your world. The committed student of Creating Being de/velops an embodied skill and ability in liberating themselves from limiting ways of being and inculcating new, empowered ways of being that produce rapid and significant material and relationship results.

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Being a Client Magnet

Designed for service-based entrepreneurs, consultants, and coaches, this intensive 8-week immersive course trains you in the core perspectives and practices needed to create a constant flow of clients in your business through the intentional creation of your Being. Your commitment to this course and the work it requires helps make you an ‘unsinkable financial ship’; a person with the power to create premium fee-paying clients at will – giving you ultimate financial security for the rest of your life.

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Creator’s Circle

Our flagship, 8-month, immersion in Creating. Led by our Creating Champions with years of experience and practice in Creating, you are part of a small group of powerful Creators who meet weekly to widen their perspective and deepen their practice in Creating Dialogue. It is a life-changing journey that gives you the ability to create your world on both the inside and out.

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“Beauty was not simply something to behold; it was something one could do.”

Toni Morrison