Our Philosophy

Creating is a radical approach to living that
unlocks greater freedom, love, and power.

Creating is both a perspective and a practice.

As a perspective, Creating is a way of seeing yourself and the world that gives you total freedom, puts you in touch with an all-pervading love, and unlocks an immense power to create everything you desire.

In Creating, we help individuals to increase their awareness, to embody more expansive and higher-functioning paradigms, to become more adept in their meaning making and to see, hear, feel and be in the world in ways that require less effort and yet produce greater material and relationship results.

As a practice, in Creating, an individual learns first and foremost to create freedom by emptying themselves of ideas about who they are and what the world is. Through this, they discover love not as a concept, but as an all-pervading undercurrent, capable of directing their entire life.

Atop their foundation of total freedom, the student of Creating learns the active practices of realizing who they are and what the world is from a deeper and more fulfilling place than ever before. Through this, they discover the immense power that love as a force provides when shaped into forms of inspired meaning.
“This is the most important thing I have ever learned, both as a philosophy and a daily practice.”

Dan Levin, COO @ Hapi

Creating Being

In Creating, our students learn that their Being is the true source of everything they create in their life.

In simple terms, the results we get come from the actions we take, and the actions we take come from what we think, feel, and believe about ourselves and the world.
What we think, feel, and believe about ourselves and the world shapes our Being.

Creating makes this somewhat ethereal concept of Being tangible and real. Through iteration and immersion, the student of Creating comes to know Being in a practical and embodied sense – they become adept at feeling Being, seeing Being, and literally speaking Being into existence.

By providing you with access to Being, Creating gives you ultimate leverage in every area of your life. First and foremost, you experience an extraordinary leap in your personal growth. Through learning to create Being, you will have more freedom, more love, and a greater sense of your power to impact the world. Inevitably, this growth leads to fantastic material outcomes like better relationships, greater wealth, more success, and even greater health and fitness.

“Doing is both the seed and fruit of Being.”

John Patrick Morgan

Creating Dialogue

In Creating, we recognize speaking as the source of the thinking, feeling, and believing that produces and sustains Being.

It is for this reason that Being is both enlivened and changed through dialogue.

By Creating Dialogue, we refer to both the dialogue between people as well as the dialogue that happens between a person and themselves.

We consciously and intentionally use Creating Dialogue to champion both ourselves and everyone we meet, because we acknowledge that all dialogue, both inner and out, always creates Being.

This is why ALL of our Creating programs include live Creating Dialogue with Creating Champions and/or other Creators in the Creating Community. Once you learn the liberating and loving power of Creating Dialogue, you will want to share it with everyone you know.

“Language is the house of Being.

Martin Heidegger


We transcend the traditional and limiting EITHER-OR paradigm.
We’re about BOTH-AND


  • LOVE


  • KIND

Most of us live in a culture where it is common to see possibilities as either/or.

For example, many personal growth programs will help to create a more peaceful or fulfilling experience of yourself and life, but neglect to support your actual material success.

In the same way, many results-oriented and financial success programs will help you produce their stated outcomes, but at the cost of your personal fulfillment.

These half-hearted outcomes are typically due to the unwitting embrace of a worldview where one thing must be sacrificed to have another thing.

This is seeing all of life as an economy of trade, where for one to win, another must lose.

Even the concept of ‘balance’ itself only exists in the paradigm of either/or thinking.

At Creating, we champion what we call BOTH/AND:

You can be BOTH loving AND make money.
You can be BOTH rich AND happy.
You can be BOTH powerful AND caring.
You can be BOTH satisfied AND want more.
You can be BOTH committed AND unattached.
You can be BOTH structured AND spontaneous.
You can have BOTH inner fulfillment AND outer success.

In Creating, you can BOTH have your cake…AND eat it too.

Which is what you really want, isn’t it?

“The And is Near

John Patrick Morgan

Creator Levels

Students of Creating move through three levels of growth as Creators. These levels draw on the work of modern developmental psychology as well as western and eastern philosophical thought.

These levels do not define you or what you are capable of. They do not describe your personality nor demonstrate a level of development that remains constant throughout your life. In fact, nobody ‘sustains’ themselves at any particular level all of the time. Instead, Creating Levels are states of Being that all of us find ourselves in, with differing degrees of regularity and across a variety of contexts.

In brief, they are as follows:


Level 1: Achiever

The Achiever creates success beyond the average. They seek and rise to challenges. Despite their achieving though, they often feel they are living in a perpetual state of ‘not-enoughness’, be it about themselves, their results, or their circumstances. They live with a background sense that something deeper, more real, and ultimately more fulfilling is possible for them.

The Achiever asks:

“What should I create today?”


Level 2: Liberator

The Liberator creates success by freeing themselves from their personal wounds and fears as well as the unwittingly accepted ideas about what a person should do or be in the world. Whilst they do produce freedom and fulfillment, they often feel as though this comes as a trade-off with creating the level of impact they are truly capable of.

The Liberator asks:

“What do I want to create today?”


Level 3: Pure Creator

The Pure Creator creates success, paradoxically, by not concerning themselves with it. They have forgotten all of the dichotomies the Achiever couldn’t see and the Liberator was busy creating freedom within. What they create unfolds via a dance in which they both lead and are led.

The Pure Creator asks:

“What is love creating today?”

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