Accepting is Not Giving – In

Accepting something that you do not want may contain wisdom, but if in your acceptance you suppress something that matters to you, then it will actually serve to imprison you rather than give you freedom.

Your desire is your potential to express your unique self.

Suppressing this innate and authentic energy undermines your capacity to create.

To be at peace with what is and create what you want, let’s break the idea ‘acceptance’ into two ideas.

First, in the presence of something that is not what you want, ALLOW the circumstances internally, within your own heart. Here, where is peace is found. It is an inner acceptance.

Second, take a stand for what you do want in the world. Refuse to ACCOMMODATE external circumstance that does not match with what you love. By not accommodating, you create something new. It is an outer non-acceptance.

It’s important you access these in the above stated order too, by the way.

Often, when you allow, you will see and experience what matters to you in a different way. Sometimes it will matter less…sometimes it will matter more…or sometimes something different will matter.

After ALLOWING (accepting within) what is, you are then in a peaceful and powerful position to NOT ACCOMMODATE (not accept on the outside).

The more you accept within you, the more power you have to NOT accept outside of you.

The more you use this power to NOT accept outside of you – by refusing what you don’t want and by taking a stand for what you do want – the greater your capacity to allow within actually becomes.

Action in either domain builds strength in the other.

Embodying this paradox will supercharge your ability to create your self and your world.

Loving you, JP ❤️