Be the Creator of Nothing

A few weeks ago I posted a video titled ‘Be the Creator of Everything’.

This is a way of being that I absolutely love. It is incredibly empowering and when I see the world in this way, the experience of crafting my life feels as blissful as painting or writing a song.

In a Facebook comment on this video, my friend Phil challenged me that it was a dangerous idea to think we make it rain; something that I had claimed to create.

I stopped myself from going down the philosophical tangent as to how – through a systemic, non-separate worldview, one could argue that I did make it rain – and instead considered the true essence of what he was saying.

Essentially, this was that believing we create everything can lead to an inflated ego. He rightfully pointed out that this is something we see a lot of in the ‘spiritual’ and ‘self help’ worlds.

Though I reminded Phil this is why I called ‘being the creator of everything’ a ‘delusion’, in hindsight, I did not focus enough on how important knowing this is a delusion is.

To explain, let me share another way of seeing the world that I equally value – being the creator of nothing.

When I sit in silent meditation or when I am alone in nature is when I experience this as most true.  In these moments, I begin to witness how everything on the outside world and the inside world is essentially happening all by itself.  When I sit long enough, I notice that even my thoughts are not something I am doing, but something that is happening to me.

With this way of experiencing reality – being the creator of nothing and instead simply being a guy along for the ride of a universe unfolding around me and inside my head – my attachment to outcome falls away.

Remembering this experience during my day-to-day living, I can then at any time choose the delusion that I am the creator of nothing. 

By being the creator of nothing, I create an unmatched experience of freedom.

Ironically, it is from this place of freedom – a freedom arising from a delusion – that I am then most likely to, once again, choose the delusion that I am the creator of everything. 

Like sitting down at a canvas or picking up a guitar, inside this new delusion, I then go on to craft something new in my life.

It is getting stuck somewhere in the middle of these two delusions that makes life difficult for me.

And it is swinging between them that makes it fun.