Beware Those Who’ve ‘Figured it Out’

Following is a transcript from a few minutes of dialogue in a recent Creators Class. It’s a piece that a number of students referred to as being exceptionally impactful for them.

JP Morgan:
Every single one of us, myself included, is here because we want to grow beyond our edge. I had this incredible conversation with my director, Ciara, who I’ve been working with for five or six years. She knows me so well. And she knows what we call the front and the back better than anyone. Meaning she knows everything that’s going on in my personal life. We talk. She coaches me as well. And she also knows everything that I put out into the universe on the front end. I said to her, “You know this even better than anybody. Even better than my wife.” My wife knows me, obviously, really well on the back end, the truth of my life. But she doesn’t look at my content. She doesn’t know what I’m putting out there.

So we had this really great conversation about creating even greater coherence. One of the things she said to me that was very touching, was that the reason that she’s worked with me for so long is because while she’s worked for over 20 years with celebrities, and lots of people in the personal and spiritual growth industry, she’s never met anybody… (It feels weird saying this… but I’m just going to say it. It feels like a self-acknowledgement, but it serves the point here.) She said that she’s never worked with anybody who what they put out in the world was as congruent with what was actually going on in their life. In response, I said to her, “Thank you, that’s really validating for me. That’s something I hold as a really high value. And it’s so interesting you said that because I have been very conscious lately about the gap in my sharing between what’s really going on in my life and what I’m putting out there in the world.” You see, in stepping into this role of ‘teacher’, I am very conscious of the idea – which I touched on at the beginning – of the dangerous idea of thinking that I have to look like I’ve got it all together to create an image of an ideal so that people will trust in that as something that can help them and then be willing to be part of this.

I can already feel the edge of that. I’m not up here bullshitting you guys about something. I said to her, “Nobody’s going to make a blog article titled ‘John Patrick Morgan Exposed! He argues with his wife and he has financial challenges!'” No fucking shit! I make 100 videos a month about that. So it’s not about me lying. It’s about the frequency with which I share and acknowledge the reality of the stuff that I’m in the process of figuring out.

Previously, with all of my content, I’ve waited until I have figured something out and then shared it. My edge now – what I’m leaning into, and what I’m on a mission to do in service of me not putting out the image of an unreal ideal – is sharing the process of my figuring out AS I am figuring it out. In this, I aim to achieve two things.

Number one, to really put the focus on the fact that what I’m here to teach you is the process of figuring out and creating. Not through having created, but through doing it in real time.

The other reason I want to share as I am figuring things out is to create as much coherence as I possibly can between the reality of my unenlightened life – with moments of enlightenment for a few seconds here and there – and what I put out, so that there is not some idea that… Like Aimee said today, what did you say, Aimee? You said you were beating yourself up and you had a thought. What did you say?

Aimee C. T.:
I said, “I bet JP doesn’t have days like this.”

JP Morgan:
Yeah, what the!? I don’t get angry? I don’t have down days? Of course I do! But for me what’s interesting is how I meet them and how I create with them. That is what’s interesting to me. So that’s my commitment to how I share in The Creating Community. That’s what I’m going to use it for and I’ve already started. If you’ve seen some of my recent videos, I did a Facebook Live yesterday, about the stuff I’m exploring, the non-violence.

I’m sharing that I’m doing this because I want you to know, but also as an invitation to do the same. Let’s have our community be a place where you start to bring the process of ‘I haven’t figured it out yet’ OUT because that’s what we are here for. We’re here to be a bunch of people who haven’t figured it out. The reason that I want people to come, and to follow, and to learn is because I have NOT figured it out and I WILL figure it out. My certainty that I WILL figure it out is where I believe the value is, not the fact that I have. My commitment is to figuring it out and the growth that comes through that.

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Loving you, JP ❤️