How Many People Are There in a Creator's Circle?

If you have been wondering how many people there are in each Creator’s Circle, the simple answer is 12.

The slightly more poetic answer is that I followed my intuition when choosing this number, and several years of running Circles in this way has allowed a lot of magic and meaning around it to emerge.

The number 12 brilliantly serves the circle by creating depths of intimacy and learning that were not available in my previous, smaller group programs.

Yes, you read that correctly.

My smaller groups were less intimate because I did twenty minute coaching sessions with 6 different people in every call.

Now with 12 people in a circle, I have just two deeply personally conversations in each Full Circle session.

Everyone present in Creator’s Circle travels to the depth of these two dialogues.

In the first few circles I did, we actually had 13 people (12 clients plus myself). I’d followed my intuition regarding the number 12, but in hindsight I forgot to count me. ?

Today I include myself in the 12. I am always the first person to commit to a new circle, and then I am joined by 11 others.

On that note, the number 12 serves a higher purpose for everyone in Creator’s Circle too.

More on that coming soon…

Loving you, JP ❤️

PS – Creator’s Circle 6 starts soon. Contact me and let me know that you’d like to be one of the 12.