Kill Your Self Before You Create Your Self

If you would like to create something new in your life, look first at the identity you have that stands in the way of your success.

When I was a dating coach, I had to kill that identity so that I could create myself as an entrepreneur coach.

Since then, I have been through multiple deaths, followed by the birth of new created identities.

In order for a new identity to come forth, space must first be created for its emergence.

In light of this, people often say things like:

“I need to let my identity die”

Inadvertently, this can actually be a disempowering statement in that it does not provide agency available in the death of that identity. Waiting for something to die places both a time barrier and gap of will between you and the action that would create the space.

Instead, try speaking, “I am killing this identity” .

Feel the immediacy in it.

Feel the agency and power in it.

This kind of speaking grants you all of your agency and provides access to rapid, step-change evolution of your being.

What is the new identity that you must generate to reach your next level of success?

Loving you, JPM