My Top 10 Money Insights as a Coach #6 – Money is a Measurement

Over the past five years of being a coach, I’ve had a number of insights into how I think and talk about money that have made it easier for me to create what I love (money) while doing what I love (coaching).

Recently I began listing them out for my apprentices and this list quickly turned into ten separate articles.

I am sharing them here in case you too love money and want to make more of it. If so, I hope that thinking and talking about money in these ways will help you like they have helped me.

You can use meters to measure the height of a person or the distance to a place. You can use litres to measure water, blood or gasoline. But what do you use money to measure?

Does money measure how much you’re worth? Does it measure how much you’ve achieved?

Is what you’re using money to measure serving you?

Or might it be better if it measured something else?

My coach Rich considers income to be a measure of the impact he is having on the world.

What works for me is using income to measure ‘how many people I’ve served lately’. I like this because whenever I want more money, the action is immediately obvious.

Want more money? Serve more people.


  • What is the primary action I take that creates results in my business? (Serve people, connect with people, etc)
  • What if money measured that? (How many people I’ve served, connected with, etc)
  • What else could I have money measure?


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