Ownership is Victimhood

To experience total freedom in your life, you must be willing to transcend the ideas that have empowered your growth up to now.

One such idea is that in order to be free of an experience, you must own it.

Ownership, as an experience, is an expression of a desire for control.

Ownership, we can say, is thus an expressed desire to be free from control.

Control to not be controlled.

Own to not be owned.

Basically, I am suggesting the desire to own is most often a fear of being owned. And this fear is a form of victimhood.

In simple terms, we can say then that ownership is an inverted form of victimhood.

True freedom, the prerequisite for pure creation, is transcendent of this dichotomy.

To be truly free of the own-or-be-owned dynamic, one can choose to be a steward. A steward engages as if an owner, but does not have ultimate control. They are response-able, but not responsible.

Being a steward harnesses all of the creative power of ownership, but it allows circumstances to be met without the attachments.

Ownership is victimhood; only the steward is truly free.

Loving you, JPM