The Three Pillars to Creating Rapid Trust

When I meet someone new, I want them to trust me as fast as humanly possible. I’m talking within minutes…seconds even. I want them comfortable telling me their private stories, their emotional weaknesses…not because I necessarily want to know any of this stuff, but because I want to make a real human connect with them.

Trust is a foundation for making a real human connect.

Honesty and authenticity are two of my highest values, so it can be frustrating when people I meet don’t trust me right away. However, to blame them for this useless. Mistrust of a strangers is natural and expected.

The smart approach is to simply get better at building trust.

In this 30 minute podcast I explain my three main pillars for creating rapid trust when meeting new people. The ideas come mostly from my personal experience building relationships in cities around the world and building businesses in different industries, along with some thinking from NLP, neuroscience and psychology. It is a condensed version of the content that I teach on my RHC trainings.



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