What Would You Love to Destroy Today?

What would you love to destroy today?

The etymological root of the word ‘destroy’ means to un-build, to un-create.

Contemplate the satisfaction of ‘un-creating’ something that you have built; knocking over a sandcastle or the first cut into a birthday cake. There is a healthy and primal pleasure in destruction.

It is helpful to see that reversing the process of creation and ‘un-building’ something is healthy and useful. When viewed in this way, something that has been built up over time such as a behavioural pattern or a way of seeing can be honorably ‘un-built’.

What about yourself or your world would you like to destroy?
What stories about yourself would you like to destroy?
What habits would you like to destroy?

Today is the perfect day for you to destroy who you are.

Loving you, JP ❤️

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