Why to Love What You Do Wrong

The singular question that I ask repeatedly of both myself and my clients is

“How are you Creating this?”

This question is often met with resistance, and if that is happening for you then I invite you to consider the following –

Not wanting to acknowledge and explore the ways in which you are Creating your current circumstance or experience is a rejection of aspects of yourself.

This is a catch-22 because we want to be something different than we are and not liking (part of) what we are blocks our growth.

The means to transcending this dichotomy is to fall in love.

Here is a real-time example from my own life:

When I shout at my son, I love it.

Not the kind of love that has me wanting to do it more. Instead it is the same kind of loving that I show him when he acts out in frustration or has a tantrum. I love in a way that says, ‘It’s OK. You’re OK.’

When I show myself this same acceptance and self soothing, I move beyond the state of being that created my shouting and without effort, a new and healthier response to my son’s behavior shows up.

When you are willing to welcome and love the ugliest parts of yourself, the ugly falls away like a snake shedding its skin and more beautiful ways of being naturally emerge.

Watch this video to learn how to love your resistance to the ultimate – death – and through this, access your deepest capacity to grow.

Loving you, JP