Why to Love Your Shit

When you say or do something that isn’t your ideal, how do you treat yourself?

Do you judge yourself for your ‘shit’?

If so, then I suggest you try loving your shit instead.

When you look in the toilet at your actual shit, do you judge yourself?

Of course not!

You look in the toilet without judgement, because this is how you know how healthily your digestive system is functioning.

So looking at your shit is good. Acknowledging your shit is useful. But judging it isn’t.

In the same way, looking at your behavioral shit without judgement is how to keep tabs on your psychological health.

Practice looking at your shit and with loving and compassionate awareness.

This is how to love your shit.

Doing it will give you the great insight into your state of being.

And with this insight, you are much more empowered to create the actions and results you desire.

Loving you, JP ❤️