What Happens in Full Circle Coaching Sessions?

Sometimes people who are deciding to join Creator’s Circle ask me, “So what actually happens in your 2-hour long coaching sessions?”

Every ‘Full Circle’ session begins with each member of the circle finishing a variant of the sentence:

“What I would love to create today is…”

Everyone shares as if they will be coached by me in that session, even though in actuality only two of them will be.

We begin the Full Circle sessions in this way because doing so creates four very different, important and powerful dynamics.

First, each individual is activating what I refer to as ‘third level listening’ for themselves by expressing their desire. You can learn more about this in the video, but in essence when a person states a commitment to what they will create, then everything they see, hear and feel in the conversations that unfold is the product of both what is happening ‘out there’ and their intention/expectation. You create the insight you want by how you listen.

This is one of the real super powers of the Creator’s Circle format and what has people showing up live for every single session. Week after week, circle members produce the insight they want and need by creating their listening to coaching which, on the surface, seems un-related.

Beyond the value of these insights, of course, is the development of the capacity to listen in a way that produces insight.

Second, through everyone sharing what they would love to create, I am able to presence myself to everyone in the circle simultaneously. I listen deeply to everyone, feel their desire, and then let it rest in the back of my subconscious while I am coaching. While coaching the two people whose turn it is that day, my conscious mind is focused completely on them, and at the same, I am intuitively guided in our conversation by not just what will serve them, but also serve others in the circle as well.

Third, through everyone sharing their individual desires, a single symbiotic desired outcome emerges. Sometimes it is straightforward and explicit, like everyone wanting to make some money or have more peace and ease in their life. At other times, it is more of a felt sense of a common desire. This dynamic is also a contributing factor to the birth of what we call ‘The 13th Body’ in our circle, which I will share about in another article or video soon.

The fourth dynamic that is created by how we begin each Full Circle session involves how we end the session too, so I’ll get to that in a moment.

After the initial sharing from everyone in Zoom gallery view, I switch to speaker view with the first person who is up for coaching that day. With the rest of the circle minimized in my view, yet present as witness, I focus completely on my dialogue with ONE person I will be coaching for the next 45 or so minutes. During that time, I allow a kind of tunnel vision for the two of us to occur. From my conscious view anyway, it is just the two of us. Held in a space with a handful of people we have quickly grown to trust deeply, we create with the intimacy of a private conversation.

At about the one hour point, we take a 5 minute break. When we return, I dive straight into coaching with the next person who is up on rotation. Again, I lose myself in dialogue with you and you only. At the end of that session, with 10 or so minutes remaining, we return to gallery view and everyone shares again.

“What I created today is…”

This way of ending our Full Circle session creates a few dynamics and means of value too.

First, everyone in the circle gets to reap the benefits of not only their own insights, but the insights of everyone else too. Often times, a share at the end is the most valuable moment for members in the circle.

Second, as your coach, by being present both to what you desired to create at the start and what you created at the end, it gives me a sense as to where you are at in your growth as a creator. It’s a powerful way for me to stay connected to what is occurring for you in your life and work even when we are not in direct dialogue.

Third, everyone’s end of session sharing of what they created contributes to The 13th Body – one of the most magical and powerful dynamics of Creator’s Circle – and which, as mentioned, I will write or speak about in the near future.

Fourth, the ‘knowing’ that at the end of our full circle session, you will not only be invited to share what you created, but to do so in the light of what you said at the beginning you would love to create, creates and arc of tension that seeks resolution. This tension serves to keep you attentive and engaged in your ‘third level listening’. It produces a heightened collective presence in the circle that can be felt. Everyone knows why everyone is there and what they are up to. It is a collaborative power that creates.

If you are interested to experience coaching in Creator’s Circle, then let me know and we’ll speak.

Loving you, JP ❤️