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When you join the Creating Community, you are connected with people committed to perspectives and practices that contribute to both personal evolution and the unfolding of a more beautiful world.

Those drawn to Creating have typically already achieved a high level of success in either their material world or their own personal/spiritual development. They are seeking something transcendent of the mainstream offerings, a way of being in their bodies and the world that provides them with both a free, loving, and fulfilling experience of life and, at the same time, the power to create the material and relationship results they desire.

Besides offering consistent immersion in the perspectives and practices of Creating, being a member of the Creating Community gives you access to two direct means for evolving your way of being.

First, whether it be in one of our Creating Journeys or in joining our Creating Collective Facebook Group, by being regularly exposed to individuals who consistently and consciously create their own way of being more free, loving, and powerful, your own way of being is impacted. As we say in Creating; “being bleeds”, meaning that through being with another person, their being bleeds into yours and yours into theirs. By spending time with others who create at a high level way of being, your own way of being will rise to join theirs.

Second, since our way of being evolves as we advance the dialogue that we have with ourselves and others, having a community of individuals who champion each other’s evolution creates a rich opportunity to engage in Creating Dialogue on a regular basis. The more often we practice Creating, the more rapidly it impacts us.

Who each member of our community is being, inspires and promotes who you can be too.

Through our championing as a community, we increase both our own value and the value of others.

Clayton Olson

Relationship Coach, Author and Facilitator

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When we first met Clayton he had already generated an awesome 160,000 following on YouTube. He wanted our help to learn how to turn more of those followers into highly committed coaching clients.

Through the conscious cultivation of his state of being he became a more powerful coach, doubled his fees and made back 7x his investment in Being a Client Magnet.

Our Creator’s Circle program and Being a Client Magnet training each helped him to achieve this in different ways.

His beautifully articulated conclusion, having experienced both of these programs, is that…

Creator’s Circle is the The Art of Creating


Being a Client Magnet is theThe Science of Creating.

As Clayton’s coaches and teachers, while we’re happy he is making a lot more money through loving more deeply, one of the most satisfying changes to witness was his action to take one week off per month so that he can focus on cultivating his most valuable asset; himself.

Making money is the ‘Trojan Horse’ of our work. It’s what clients want when they commit to our coaching and training. Once they engage with us and begin to receive the value of what we teach, they soon realize that Creating who they are is not only the source of great results in their life, but also the foundation to a depth of love and expanse of freedom greater than they ever thought possible.

“Coming into contact with the Creating perspective has given me more permission to follow my intuition, to teach while I coach and to bring in a healthy sense of ego as a coach and also to encourage that in my clients.

Our clients are paying us for our map of reality and there is something that they get to step into by being around someone that is loving and free. To stand in that as a coach; to have and give yourself permission to be that is incredibly powerful and as a result of my time in Creator’s Circle my coaching has definitely become more potent, loving, courageous and naturally more magnetic because I feel much more free to challenge people and point to a promise-land that they can see and fight like hell to encourage them in that direction.

A big shift that has occurred for me is that I have an embodied wisdom around not needing to change the external in order to experience the internal that I want to experience.

I thought that I had do lots of things externally like marketing and branding to bring forth the clients that I want, and what I got from Creator’s Circle was that I have much more authority and creational power to create the clients that I want to work with right there on the spot. It’s like evoking an aspect of themselves to come out of the people that I want to work with. It has so little to do with my messaging and branding; yes I could change my messaging and branding and that would make an impact but when I start with the internal first the external becomes so much less necessary.

I have a lot more belief in myself now; things could fall apart but I have so much faith in myself now to get into a conversation with someone and really be able to help them move their world in a way that would have us enter into a longer coaching engagement and to make money which has brought greater security into my life.”

Juliet Trnka

Juliet Trnka

Shaman, Coach, Guide

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Juliet is a shaman, a wife and a mother of two.

Juliet came to us when she was making $30,000/year in her Shamanic Healing practice.

She was feeling alone, vulnerable to her thoughts and like a ‘selfish asshole’ for trying to make more money than the people around her.

At one point, her mother actually said: “Well, we just need to find you a rich husband.” This crushed her.

We worked closely with Juliet to support her in cultivating a state of ‘Being a Champion’, and what happened next was mind blowing…

Immediately, more of the perfect clients started showing up and paid her more money …and, as an unexpected bonus, her relationship with her husband healed too!

Fast forward to a year later and Juliet had more than blown past her $250,000 income goal, crossing the $500,000 mark in the third quarter. She paid off her car, has zero debt, more than 10X’d her income, takes her family traveling, pays cash for everything and is now purchasing her $1.5M dream home on a lake in Washington.

Being a Champion is about both seeing yourself – and operating as – The Greatest and a Loving Defender.

Being a Champion makes it feel like you are literally a client and money magnet.

It is pure power by living your life totally immersed in love as expression and commitment.

“It became clear to me that the next step in the evolution of my work was going to take great support and great community.

Joining Creator’s Circle was the first time I had ever paid for coaching or training in full and upfront. At the time of committing I didn’t have all of the money. I had some of it, but I was also leaning into possibility and magic more than ever before because that is what was being shown to me here.

When you love and you serve, miracles happen. And I did it. I made the money. I really felt the edges of my limitations fall away and I really knew that I was making them up in the first place.

I have been supported in creating incredible, impossible results. I was often told that I was unrealistic, ungrounded, pie in the sky. What I learned is that my desires made other people uncomfortable and that was not OK. I had shrunk myself down and it wasn’t working.

The fullness of femininity has been met here, supported and celebrated. It’s life changing, without a doubt. Every time we have a session, my life changes.

I know that I would have created everything I have created, but I don’t know that I would have become the person I have become and that is something I give thanks for every day.

There is a limitless value to having someone like this in your life. A ‘Champion for Creators’ is not a brand; it’s the truth.

If you are yearning for something I want you to know that what you yearn for is not only available to you, it’s actually already seeking you. There is a whole other dimension to your being that becomes available to you when you allow yourself to be supported in that. When I say ‘allow’ I don’t just mean saying yes, I mean showing up with your money, your time, your unwavering commitment to being supported. It will change everything for you.”


Rob Cressy 

Coach, Speaker & Podcaster

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“The multiple distinctions I got on Thursday alone are well worth the price of admission to Creator’s Circle.”

David Gilbert, Strategy and Innovation Consultant

Theresa Campbell

Leadership Coach and Author

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We love every minute that we get to spend with Theresa Campbell. She is an epic mother, an epic coach and an epic member of Creator’s Circle. She achieves an incredible balance between working full time as a corporate exec, mothering her children, nurturing her relationship with her husband and running a six figure coaching business.

“In the last 45 days everything has picked up: I had 6 referrals in 2 weeks, one of which led to a new realization of who I AM. There is no secret to it. You continue to work to create yourself. You continue to create as you speak and as you listen…and then you see the results of your invisible progress. After all those mornings and nights of chipping away at yourself, becoming more and more of who you truly are as love, as an expression of God/love, as one with all. 12 months in ️ Creator’s Circle feels like graduating into the truth of who I AM.”


Alex Hayden


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Rachel Hamlin

Leadership Coach

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“Creator’s Circle has allowed me to access more joy, more freedom, more power.”

Juliet Trnka, Coach and Shaman

Tyrone Crowley

Master NLP Coach and Hypnotist

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Winnie Sher

Life & Leadership Coach

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Allison Crowe

Life & Self-Leadership Coach for SoulFull Small Biz Owners

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John Durkin 

Executive Coach and Behavioral Psychologist

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Moishe Chanin

Addiction Recovery and Life Coach

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One of the key Creating principles we teach our clients is how to consciously and intentionally create the person you wish yourself to be, and to live into that potential.

The deeper a person goes into this work, the greater the results they create in their life both personally and professionally.

Creator’s Circle member Moishe Chanin is dedicated to cultivating his state of being and created the following declaration:

“I am an expression of G-d’s love here on earth and I am committed to Being that”

This declaration has helped him to create positive outcomes through challenging interpersonal dynamics.

As he beautifully expresses it:

“To walk away from a difficult situation would deprive me of the opportunity to be an expression of G-d’s love, and would also deprive the other person of access to that love.”

The extraordinary internal shifts that have occurred as a result of our work together have enabled Moishe to transform from someone that did not believe in his worth as a coach, to a man who knows his true value and charges accordingly.

Releasing your limiting self beliefs, identifying your sacred potential and embodying an intentional state of being through the circumstances of daily life is the secret sauce of Creating everything you want.

“One of the gifts that I got here was being able to see the higher level that’s available when I’m able to hold two opposites. The capacity to forgive, to see shame as an invitation to forgiveness, and for forgiveness to be the way that I create the biggest breakthroughs in my own life and in other people’s lives. The more I can forgive myself, the greater coach I am, the greater husband and parent I am. There’s so much. I love you all so deeply. You are people who are more similar to me than anybody else in the world. You expanded my world inside and out. You’ve taught me how to unapologetically love. You’ve taught me how to stay and I love you all forever.”


Nicole Dubois

Executive Coach for Conscious & Purpose Driven Leaders

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Witnessing our clients as they wake up to the realization of whom they can be is the most rewarding part of the work we do here. Our client Nicole’s story is an exciting example of what can be achieved both materially and spiritually in just a few short weeks fully immersed in our work and philosophies.

When Nicole initially booked a Creating Breakthrough, she knew she wanted to work with us but felt that she wasn’t quite ready to make the commitment. After being with Darren however, Nicole committed to our Being a Client Magnet training with the commitment to double her investment during its 8 week duration. Having recently put her business on pause and losing her momentum, this seemed like a difficult goal to reach. But what she experienced with Darren had shifted her sense of possibility.

Within the first week of Being a Client Magnet, Nicole created a new $10,000 client, immediately making back her financial investment. The following week Nicole created another $10,000 client, thus doubling her ROI in the first two weeks!

At this point Nicole decided to invest in Creator’s Circle, and with her renewed energy she stretched into our challenge to re-sign her existing client at double the previous fee.

Nicole brought her inner challenges with making this proposal to her coaching calls with Darren and as a result, she was able to create a powerful connection with herself and her real, immense value.

By the end of our 8-week Being a Client Magnet program, Nicole had created $57,000 in new client income; more than 5 times her investment…and her Creator’s Circle hadn’t even started yet!

Nicole’s ROI is impressive, not only for what she has created financially but for the means through which she created it.

Once Nicole committed to being at peace and only doing what she loves as her means of producing her income, she not only fell in love with loving clients into being, but she created life-changing monetary results too.

“After 8 weeks in Being a Client Magnet I realise who I really am, on a soul level. And how easy it is for me to switch into that and slip out again. I am becoming better at recognising that and stepping back in

Realising who I really am puts an end to people pleasing and to living outside in. I was doing alot of things because I thought I was supposed to – ATM, multiple products, social media, a pitch. For me it didn’t feel like ‘’me’

You told me ‘do what you love and love what you do’ and I realised that what I love most after 20 years of coaching is the one to one coaching of purpose driven leaders and serve them deeply. I changed my website and made it easy for people to engage with me and it feels like I’m really moving again.

Prior to starting Being a Client Magnet you asked me what I wanted to create financially and I told you I wanted to create my investment in Being a Client Magnet back twice, which would have been $20,000, and that I would like to create $50,000 for the rest of the year. But during the two months of Being a Client Magnet I created $57,000!

Of course I love the money and all the things I can do with it; investing in myself, investing in my clients, making sure I have enough self care in any way I like, to be able to be fully present. But it’s not even about the money; it is about living my purpose more and it turns out to be fun; it no longer feels like hard work, where I have to create money and I have to create clients.

And the biggest change is something in me that is reflected not only in my business but also in my personal life. The most valuable change is the one within me.”


Michelle Ware

Master Coach

David Bird

Coach, Counsellor & Cognitive Hypnotherapist

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David always had a fascination for people and what makes them tick. But they confused him. And that included himself.

He struggled with his mental health since he was about 11 years old. And it came to a head on being promoted to a position out of his depth. His anxiety and depressive episodes increased but he had no idea why, and couldn’t keep hiding it.

When David sought help through the regular channels it led to a dead-end. “I’m going to have to figure this out myself”, he realised. And through unconventional routes, he found the help, healing, and transformation that led to him qualifying as a coach and change-worker. As well as the desire and passion to help others in their journey to create change.

Before training as a coach and therapist, David worked in both small-business and corporate environments, in Project Management, Quality Assurance, Process Improvement, and IT. He was also both a listening volunteer and trainer for the UK Samaritans, providing anonymous support for people from all walks of life in emotional distress and despair.

David now runs a busy and successful Coaching, Counselling & Cognitive Hypnotherapy practice in Leighton Buzzard UK and online via Zoom.

During his journey on Being A Client Magnet and Creator’s Circle, David launched the co-hosted mental health and well-being podcast, The Notcast Podcast: Life, Love, Misery & Deep Sh*t. He loves learning and growth, so David’s always being mentored, working with someone, or on some kind of programme. He believes we can only truly take a person to a level we’ve been ourselves.

Aside the usual, mainstream psychology, David also studies Hermetic Qabalah and Magick. And in his spare time can often be found hunched over his guitar, in the bath with a book, or sobbing at the latest Marvel installment.


Sam Pearce 

The Joyful Performance Coach

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Vanessa Broers

Author, Coach, Speaker

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Tallie Maughan 

Founder and Creative Director

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Gil Nevo 

Artist and Brand Strategist

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David Gilbert

Strategy and Innovation Consultant

Heather Quick

Visionary, Master Creator, Coach

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Lila Paillon

Addictions Counsellor and Intuitive Love coach

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Noam Mercedes Kostucki

Business Mentor, Artist, Author, Chef

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Christine O’Neil 

Transformational Coach

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Evan Lindsay


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Like many of our clients, Evan initially joined us because he wanted to make more money, and while he certainly achieved that with a 10X return, he also learned to remain present and supportive through the ongoing and challenging circumstances with his wife’s health while continuing to grow his business.

Evan has been a member of multiple Creators’ Circles; it is through revisiting the same concepts multiple times, and seeing how they are applicable in different circumstances, that the understandings we teach become fully integrated within and manifest as your spontaneous and natural way of being.

“The biggest thing I got in the first year of Creator’s Circle was to understand and manage my own emotions. The biggest gain was a better and deeper relationship with my wife. I was able to lead myself better and be more present which ultimately opened the door to new things. One of the best things was the group atmosphere. I have been on teams my whole life but this was completely different.

The second year in Creator’s Circle was different because I was no longer trying to escape anything. I wasn’t walking through life waiting for something bad to happen. Now I can keep moving through life’s challenges and that influences my loved ones too; my wife is more confident at least partially through my influence in seeing her as strong and capable.”