Acknowledging vs Referencing

What is the difference between acknowledging and referencing the source of an idea?

To reference is to state that your idea does not come from you. While it is beneficial for others to follow an idea back to its source, over-referencing often comes from a lack of confidence in one’s own work.

Once an idea is in you however – once it takes on a life of its own within you and through you – you then own that idea.

To acknowledge who inspired an idea once you own it is to express gratitude for them.

Often, acknowledging is not seen as a possibility because it is confused with referencing.

To acknowledge is an activity of loving. It is a gift both to the other person and to yourself.

As with all activities of loving, this giving creates the state of being that is powerful in creating the results you want in your world.

Acknowledging generates power.

Loving you, JP ❤️