Alpha Omega Leader

Our evolution is accelerating.

Technology, medicine, climate, economics, politics and religion – all changing rapidly and causing disruption. While in ways the world is coming together, an underbelly of fear is also driving greater separation.

Questions on the minds of many leaders are:

How do we grow a successful business with such an uncertain future?
How do we lead amongst so much change?
How do we inspire those filled with fear?
How do we drive our people forward without resorting to dominance or authoritarianism?

In 2013 my personal approach to leadership was the subject of a covert study at Cambridge University. Although the researchers gleaned some insight into the impact of my leadership style, they missed the deeper learning:

How does one actually CREATE a powerful way of leading today?

For the past seven years, this question has been the central focus of my work with leaders around the world. As a result, I’ve developed a nuanced approach that leaders find refreshing, intuitive to grasp and empowering to embody.

Recently in public keynotes, I’ve been sharing this integral way of leading and how it creates emergent change in organisational culture, generates results in pitching, sales and negotiating and even improves personal and intimate relationships.

Per the suggestion of a friend, I also decided to capture the essence of this approach to leadership in an audio recording so that more people could learn it.

Click here to download or listen

If you are a leader of any kind and you would like to explore the possibility of my supporting you in creating more loving power and impact in your work, please reach out to me. I’d love to speak with you and show you what we could create together.