How to Break Phone Addiction | Digital Minimalism

I love technology and my life is filled with tech and gadgets; wearables, smart home lights, locks and cameras, Alexa, Siri, smart car, etc. However I also acknowledge the psychological impact technology has on me. Of all my devices, the one with the greatest negative impact, is the smart phone. If you would like toRead More

My Four Tough Challenges that Create True Minimalism

Like freedom, true minimalism exists within you. Here are four tough challenges I’ve taken on that have helped me cultivate it. No ‘to-do’ list True minimalism requires you to let go of attachments internally to allow yourself a quiet mind. The idea that keeping track of tasks and ‘to-do’s’ is necessary to keep your mindRead More

Why You Won't Waste Money With Me

You will never waste your money if you coach with me. Here’s the first three reasons why: 1. I am unwasteable. 2. I am that I do not waste. 3. I do not live as the expression of waste or failure. Living this way isn’t just about a change in perception. It’s a reconceptualisation ofRead More

True Minimalism and How to Create it

Are you hoping to create more peace and simplicity in your life? There is great power in choosing to live simply. Many people seek this because they are motivated by a desire to change their experience of being alive. They want a calm and still inner experience and hope that they will find it byRead More

Should I Borrow Money to Invest in Coaching? | You Are an Asset

Almost every day over the past couple of weeks, I’ve received a message from somebody saying something to the effect of… “I want to join Creator’s Circle, but I don’t feel ready financially…” It is also followed up with something like… “I just want to put the intention out there…” or “Next time I’ll beRead More

How to Make Money With a Coach - Staying Power

When I hire a coach with the intention to make money, I make money. This is not the case for everyone. Some people begin a coaching program intending to make money, but as they start to grow internally and feel better as a person, they feel satisfied and let go of their vision for financialRead More

What Kinds of People Are in Creator's Circle?

Each Creator’s Circle is an intimate journey with 11 others, and it’s natural to wonder what kinds of people will be journeying with you. In a number of key areas, they will be just like you. You have a certain level of intelligence. Because I refuse to dumb down the concepts and philosophy I teach,Read More

If Previous Coaching Has Not Helped, How Would This be Different?

If you are deciding to join Creator’s Circle, but have found your previous coaching investments to not deliver the results you’d hoped, how can you be sure your ROI this time will be much better? I truly love this concern, and if you have it, then I’d like to speak with you directly here. WhatRead More

How Many People Are There in a Creator's Circle?

If you have been wondering how many people there are in each Creator’s Circle, the simple answer is 12. The slightly more poetic answer is that I followed my intuition when choosing this number, and several years of running Circles in this way has allowed a lot of magic and meaning around it to emerge.Read More

Why You Still Have Not Changed

There are two ways to address the sense that nothing is changing in an area you want to grow. First, focus on what is different rather than what is the same. Even if the difference is only slight, by focusing on only what is different, you will be motivated to keep going and thus keepRead More