Be Your Monetary Value

If you work in a service based industry, then as important as believing in the value of your offering, is believing in a specific and financially measurable value of your work.

The greater the specificity you bring to this value, the more possible it is for future clients to see your value in this way.

Feel the difference between –

“I am a high-value coach.”


“I am a coach and $1500 per hour is peanuts in exchange for what is created in conversation with me.”

The intent here is for you to see, feel and speak your genuine and specific monetary value, not to try to convince others of this value.

Simply BEING this specific financial value is your only concern.

Let everyone else see you and your value however they wish.

Some will believe it’s too much.
Some will believe it should be more.
And some will agree.

Two out of these three results mean you’re in business.

Being your value in a specific monetary way will increase your revenue without you having to change anything that you do.

Loving you, JP ❤️