Become What You Hate

You are what you HATE in other people.

(If ‘hate’ is too strong a word for you, then your aversion is even stronger evidence that the following applies to you.)

Yes, even those political leaders you despise.

You ARE that.

You hate it because it is NOT OK for them to do it.

It’s NOT OK for them to do it because it’s NOT OK for YOU to do it.

If you were to do that thing you hate, you would not be LOVABLE.

And this HURTS.

It hurts like hell.

Your hate is your HURT turned outward.


If you knew you were lovable whether or not you did the thing you hate them doing, then you would NOT hate them.

And you would NOT hate yourself.

Instead, you’d be free to be who you are.

Rather than living in a prison of fear of not being loved.

Even in the light of what I’m sharing with you now, you will likely still hold onto your hate.

You won’t let it go because you’ll think, “But without my hate, then nothing will change!”

You’re so scared that without your hate – without acting our your hurt and without withholding your love – that you have no power.

You have become convinced that your only power to impact the world comes through your expression of hurt and withholding of love.

And you are so familiar with the impactful power of hate that you have lost contact with even the desire for change in any form other than hate.

You have lost the innate understanding that love itself – love naked and healed completely of hurt – can create change all by itself.

The truth is, in the absence of your hate, your hurt and your fear, there is a wellspring of love that can and will have more impact on the world than your hate ever will.

You may access this superior power to create through love by surrendering to the idea that everything you hate is actually who you are.

Your enemy is what you long to be.

See hate.
Face hate.
Welcome hate.
Embrace hate.

In so doing, your hate will melt into hurt and then vaporize into love.

Through allowing hate and holding hurt you become free and access the extraordinary power.

Loving you, JP ❤️