Being a Champion

In a recent meeting with our Creating team, I was filled with passion for a distinction that lives at the heart of Creating.

That distinction is one we call ‘Being a Champion’.

We use the word ‘Champion’ in both its senses, precisely because the apparent duality of meanings presents a paradoxical possibility that is very powerful. (As an aside, I should note that the development of a mind that can hold paradox is a key feature of learning and growth in Creating.)

The two, seemingly unrelated meanings we use for Being a Champion are:

1. Being a Warrior, as in someone who is willing to die in truth and service for another

2. Being The Best, as in being the winner or the ultimate

Being The Best can mean being better than something or someone else. If you feel a resistance to being ‘better’ than others, then I congratulate and honor you for your unwillingness to value winning at any cost.

However, such resistance arises only for a person living in a zero-sum world. That is, a world where your winning requires someone else to lose. Albeit a common worldview, this is simply one of infinite possibilities as to how the world works.

The resistance you feel is true, but it is also the product of a reality that deprives you of both greater love and power.

As a more empowering alternative, a positive-sum worldview creates the possibility that two people can both win. This is a reality that embraces the paradox of two people, at the same time, each being better than the other.

Did I just melt your brain? 😜

Let me flesh it out for you.

In a positive-sum world, being better than others is actually a contribution in that it challenges them and expands their sense of possibility. Being The Best then is the highest contribution you can make.

Your commitment to being your highest contribution for another person (by being The Best) means you are also a Warrior fighting for their greatness.

This is how you are Being a Champion in both the meanings I shared above.

If this distinction inspires new possibility in you, then let me remind you that there is a big difference between being inspired by a distinction and actually BEING a distinction.

Every week in our coaching and training programs, we are helping our clients to cultivate a BEING of pure contribution (Warrior) and ultimate power (The Best).

If you want to embody this way of being, then I encourage you to connect with me to schedule a call with our team today.

The hour you spend with us will create a true breakthrough in your being, give you a visceral experience of what it is to actually BE a Champion and present a clear strategy and path to this being an automatic way of meeting the world.

Loving you, JPM

PS – If you want to hear me riff more on this idea, check out this 6 minute video I recently shot while standup paddle boarding…just before I dropped my iPhone in the ocean. 🏄‍♂️📱 😳