Being Water & the Shape of Being

You are god, nature and the universe unfolding. You are the Big Bang still banging on. You exist far beyond and before the realm of thought.

There are many practices and teachings that can help you to experience the primordial essence of what you are.

Some of my favorites are Tibetan Buddhist mindfulness practices, the three principles and teachings of non-duality. Approaches like these can enhance your sense of what it is to simply Be. An immense peace and love is found in this Being.

At the same time, the physical matter of your being matters. What you think makes a difference, both in your experience and your material world.

In the same way that the nozzle of a garden hose shapes the water flowing through it, you can shape your being.

You are both water and the shape of water.

By shaping the formless of what you are into the form of who you be, you can allow life to flow through you in a way that creates what you want.

Embodying this paradox is key to absolute freedom and power.

Loving you, JP ❤️