Can I Be of Service? [Rant]

I find it off putting when strangers email me saying “Let me know if I can ever be of service.”

How am I supposed to know how or when you can be of service? I don’t even know what you do!

To me, this is a lazy and uncommitted approach serving people.   The intention may be there, but the effort is futile.

If one really wanted to serve, they wouldn’t put the onus on others to figure out they could help – they would get really curious and really present and find out.

I can speak about this because (of course) I’ve been guilty of this approach in the past. The moment I noticed it though, I made it my mission to stop making empty offers of unspecific support.

Are you making any offers like this in what you do?

How could you take some of the responsibility off the person you are offering to serve?