Come Back From The Future

Imagine you had a Delorean with a Flux Capacitor in it. Imagine you get inside it, find a nice stretch of flat road and put the pedal to the floor. When you hit 88 mph, sparks and lightning surround your car until there is a flash and suddenly you are decades in the future.

Imagine you found your way to your future home and enter (without knocking, as it is your home of course). In your bedroom, you find your older self laying on the bed. There are tubes and wires connected to you, you are breathing shallowly and the colour has drained from your skin. It’s clear, this is your end.

You kneel down beside your older self and in your ear you whisper…

“Hi…um…me…I’ve come from the past…18th March 2014 actually…and I was wondering…what should I do about_____________________?”

You ask yourself what you should do about that thing that’s been on your mind lately – that thing you have been considering, but not acting on.

What, from your last days in the future, do you answer to yourself?

Take that answer with you.

Come back from the future and live the life you’ll otherwise wish you had.