Complaints are Compliments

No complaint is ever really about you.

Nor is any compliment.

People speak what they see and they see what they are.

However, the meaning we make of what people say does have impact on us.

And people do complain.

If you think about it though, complaints and compliments are actually one and the same.

By sharing what they don’t like, a complainer is also inadvertently telling you what they would love.

Every complaint is effectively the sharing of a perspective that something desired is absent.

When you can see what is absent for a complainer, you are seeing what they would love.

The moment you see what somebody loves, your heart opens and you see them.

In this moment of seeing, a complainer transforms into an innocent being with a more beautiful world in them striving to be born.

Like magic, through your conscious listening, the complaint transforms into a compliment.

Know that you always have the choice to turn a complaint into a compliment.

You always have the choice to be loved.

Loving you, JP ❤️