Create Coaching Clients by Coaching People – Coaching Jude

People make the whole ‘client creation’ thing so difficult by putting all sorts of stuff between themselves and actually having a client.

My method for creating clients in my coaching business is simple. I do just one thing: Coach

In this video, I show Jude how coaching clients are not something she has to get or attract, they are something she can create. Furthermore, she can create coaching ‘clients’ by simply coaching ‘people’.

All one needs to do is decide what time in their week they will be providing the service they provide and then PROVIDE THAT SERVICE to different people every week during that time.

If you do that long enough – and your service is something people will want more of – then people will start asking for more. When they ask for more, tell them your fee and that ‘person’ will magically transform into a ‘client’.

Can it really be that easy?

I wouldn’t say it’s easy. I’d say it’s simple, but not easy.

What’s not easy is committing to serving people day in and day out without getting anything back at first.

It takes faith and commitment to serve with consistency.

It’s not easy, but is simple and it can be done.

No slick slogans or flash personal brands needed.