Creating Nothing with Steve Hardison | Coaching Refund

At my last coaching session with Steve Hardison, he walked into his office holding two envelopes.

He showed me that in one envelope was a check made out to me for the entire 100 hours coaching fee I’d paid him (currently $200,000) and in the other was nothing.

“You can have whichever one you want”, he said.

At the beginning of our work together I had told him that I wanted to create nothing, because “nothing is everything and everything comes from nothing”.

It was a strange use of language that Steve and I both understood, which is part of why I believe we do such great work together.

Steve’s gesture at my last session with him was bold, crazy, and arose as a spontaneous something through his lived expression of nothing.

What do I mean by this? I will try to explain…

All suffering arises when we create obstacles and resistance to the constant unfolding that is life.

The deeper you can embrace the idea of being nothing – which is to let go of any and all ideas that you are something – the more access you have to a state of being where nothing gets in the way of pure possibilities not only arising in your consciousness, but unfolding all the way through you as action too.

Freedom is the fruit of nothing. The conscious work of removing inner conflicts and resistance allows you to be free to live, love, express and create.

The most powerful coaching in the world is not coaching that creates results, it is coaching that creates nothing.

So you can probably guess which envelope I chose. ?

Loving you, JP ❤️