Creating What Is - Beyond 'Loving What Is'

Byron Katie coined the term ‘Loving What Is’; the perspective that by falling in love with ‘what is’ you end resistance, liberate yourself from suffering and bring peace.

‘Loving What Is’, through The Work of Byron Katie, has helped me to create deep peace with whatever is occurring in the world.

Recently I realized that with ‘Loving What Is’ as a foundation, what I also put my attention on can be stated simply as ‘Creating What Is’.

Your way of being in the world emerges from how you interpret the world. Your interpretation of the world is not static. It is always changing, always being created.

Creating What Is simply refers to you taking a conscious role in this ongoing process of evolving your interpretation of what is occurring in the world.

One of the specific ways we interpret the world is through conceptualization in the form of metaphor.

An example of this would be the differing metaphors people use for money. Some relate to money as an object. When money is object, making money requires work, labour and effort to obtain. This of course leads to a way of being around money that has a heaviness and sense of obligation.

Others relate to money as a liquid. When money is liquid, you only need to be in the flow of it or redirect it to receive it. This of course leads to a way of being around money that has a lightness and ease about it.

Central to my work with clients is teaching and coaching them to become aware of how they interpret the world and to upgrade these interpretations to create a more beautiful and effective way of being – which produces more of the experience and results they want.

Loving you, JP ❤️