DEAR WOMAN: Your Beauty is Not Your Best

Dear Tessa,

You are more than beautiful. 

By this, I don’t mean that you are more beautiful than average.

You know that already.

I mean that the beauty you are praised for, the beauty you have traded on in your life, is not the extent of you.

In fact, your physicality is far from your greatest attribute.

Within the cloak of your skin is a multiplicity of greatness and excellence.

By following the eyes of others onto your own face and body, you have fooled yourself into believing that the beauty you were born with was all that you were meant to be. 

This is a bias in believing that serves neither you nor us. 

If a sunset was the only value of the sun, we’d have no life. It would be only rocks, burning in a dead, black universe. 

You are more than a model. You are a model human being. 

The care and attention to detail that you bring to everything is the expanse of beauty you represent that can’t be found upon you or with the eyes.

The intimacy that you bring to every relationship, to every conversation, is a gift of possibility for otherwise passers-by. 

I am a champion for you never giving up. I am a champion for you continuing to dig deep into your life and building that which you feel called to build. I am a champion for you finding out that, indeed, you can. 

At the same time, I am a champion also for the ideal that you sometimes shame yourself for. For the possibility of relaxing into the financial embrace of a man who will provide for you. I stand both for the power of your independence and the comfort and ecstasy of your interdependence. 

I am a champion for you exploring all of the ways to be a woman in this life. The wild, the successful, the adored and adorned. 

Open, Tessa. 

Open to being a Mother, not in some perfect future characterized by the illusory ideal of balance, but here in the tumultuous dance of never there, too much and not enough. 

I am a champion for you finding out that a messy life is life. There may be moments of calm, but it never gets straight.

Settling and choosing are not alternatives, they are choices. You hold today in the palm of your hand. 

Let your beauty be more than how you appear. 

Let it radiate from you in your courage to speak, to act, to choose, to open, to stay, and to go. 

Dear Woman, 

Just as I have been a champion for my client, Tessa, who continues to meet and transcend all of those things I have written here, I am a champion also for you.

I am a champion for you discovering that the beauty for which you are known is not your true and deepest power.

In a world where in the eyes of the beholder, our skin can make us invisible, wanted, unwanted, or even feared, the onus is on us to transcend that which unconscious eyes make meaningful. 

In the face of a world stupefied by appearances, we must be such that our being speaks louder than what the eyes can see. 

The degree to which we consider this an injustice is the limitation of our power. 

Let us be clear: There is nothing for you to do. It is not your lot to change the world, nor must you tire with efforts to overcome.

Miraculously, it is your own embodied knowing of the value and the depth of yourself that produces a sufficiently distracting radiance. 

You knowing your own truth and power, and you being that, will trump your good looks.

There is no physical beauty great enough to win attention over the expansive power of a fully aligned and self-expressed human being.

I am a champion for you knowing and living who you are so deeply, so authentically and so pervasively that beauty fades in the rearview mirror not superficially as you age, but in relevance, as you come to know and be yourself. 

If you too know that your brilliance is deeper and more profound than your beauty, then I would love to support you in sourcing that knowing as a way of liberating more of your love and power, through you and into the world.

You are an Empress capable of Creating everything and anything you want in this life.

Loving us all, JPM