DEAR WOMAN: Your Success is a Win for the World

Dear Leah,

You can be paid so much more money for the work you already do. You don’t need to do anything else for people. You simply need to recognize the massive value you are already creating for people, not just through what you’re doing, but through who you are being.

Call it therapy, call it coaching, call it whatever you want. It doesn’t matter. The way you love people is so tender, so real, so deep. You are The Great Mother. 

By your simply being with people, people will learn to love themselves. Nothing is worth more than this and as you help people to see this, they will invest heavily in themselves for your support in loving more deeply. 

When the part of you that you sometimes let run the show tells me you can’t have a higher income because it’s just not what people in your family have or because an average income is your lot, I will strike with fire at her. I will point out, with blinding accuracy, how unwelcome she is and, furthermore, how much of an injustice it is to you and everyone you love that you allow her residence in you. 

And while I’m at it, this is not just about your income. You can have everything you want, Leah. Truly.

You can have the dreams you don’t even dare to dream. You can work less and make more money. You can stop taking vacations by turning your entire life into a vacation. You can create a dream schedule, working 5-8 hours per week, with multiple days off every week, and you can be paid thousands of dollars for your time. 

In fact, Leah, you can make over one million dollars per year by just loving people in those 5-8 hours per week. 

You also never need to work with a client who doesn’t love working with you and who you also don’t love working with. You can love and be loved in every conversation. 

You can be totally free to allow everything while, at the same time, accommodating very little outside of your own desires. The world you live in can be the unfolding of your love and desire. And creating this world can be effortless for you. 

In fact, you can write a book about love, Leah. It can be one of the smallest, creative and most helpful books; the perfect expression of you and how you help people. 

You are famous in the making. You can be one of Oprah’s favorite guests. She loves the authentic, honest and down-to-earth space you create with her. When you are invited to visit her home in Maui, I hope you will stop by my small place on the way to say, ‘Hi’. 

When I say you can have everything you want, I do mean everything, Leah.

You can have the best sex of your life with your husband, here and now. Not only that, but he can have a body that turns you on the moment he walks in the room. You can have this, just like with your work and all else, as you allow everything and, at the same time, accommodate very little outside of that which you desire. 

You can live in a world of luxury and ecstasy, Leah, and that world can be built, brick by brick and day by day, with only love – radical, overflowing, subtle, nuanced and non-stop, love. 

This is my commitment to you, Dear Woman, as it is and has been to my client Leah. 

Over the years, through her generous receptivity, her trust in me, her challenging me and her coaching me in how to coach her more effectively, she has realized all of the above and more. Some of this took just weeks or months for her to realize. Other pieces took years. And a couple of bits are still in progress, but few things in this world are more certain than her continued success.

I play a very small role in the lives of the women I coach, but I cherish the little bit of influence I do get to have. It is a humbling thing for a man to have a role in the liberation of a woman’s desire and power. The role most men play in a woman’s life, be it consciously or not, is one of repression. Even the women they love most dearly – their sisters, mothers and wives – they often unwittingly repress. It’s not easy for a man to shed the deep cultural habits and patterns of bias that contribute to the ceilings women buy into and live out.  It’s not easy, but it’s necessary. If we don’t want to pave the entire planet and turn the seas into oil slicks, then we’re all going to need to champion the primacy of the feminine in this world. 

There is no more rewarding place to champion the feminine than in and through the body of a female human being. 

Leah’s material success is a win for the world. It is a win, not only for female financial success, but for the softness of love as something worth paying a lot of money for. 

Imagine a world where women are paid more than men, not for doing men’s jobs, but for doing whatever work they most desire to do and for doing it in the way that is most natural for them. Imagine a world in which we ascribe a higher monetary value to the work of women.

Loving us all, Your Champion, JPM