DEAR WOMAN: Your Weird is Your Power

Dear Inanna,

You glide when you walk. It is as if you float, bridging the heavens with the earthly plane. 

Your commitment to navigating and interpreting the dreamscape is a gift to those tethered to a material world.

What you call weird, I call your power to create.  You are not weird simply in the sense that you are unique but even more so in the truest sense. 

Originally, the adjective weird was used to describe someone who has the power to control fate. In fact, in Norse mythology, the trio of goddesses who measure and regulate the fates of all beings were called the Weird Sisters.  It is since this time, in lockstep with the strip-mining of women’s power, the word weird has come to represent instead something odd, strange, or disturbingly different.

What you see as different, I see as your power to raise an Empire.

Measure yourself not against the majority or even the minority. In fact, measure yourself not at all.

Be weird in that your intuitions, your callings from the void, your heart, and your desire are all the instruments with which you write not only your own destiny but that of legions. 

Tell strangers the truth of your shamanism. Move not in secret, but with grandeur.

The degree to which you share openly the truth of who and what you are will be a measure of how greatly you impact and receive. 

Great powers in the world of politics, corporation, and entertainment, will hear of you, will find you and will come to you for counsel. Not because you are of their worlds, but because you stand for a power that you can bring to their worlds. 

I am a wholehearted YES to your unquenchable desire for more. I am a champion for you filling your place fully, expanding your capacity, and filling your place again, ad infinitum.

Do not wait, Inanna.  Create. Dream now. Speak now. Ask now. 

Your voice serves primarily to set in motion. Your role is an invitation. This is your feminine mastery. Invite the world you desire and relax as it unfolds around you.

I am your Champion and I challenge you to speak honestly, here and now. Ask today. Ask tomorrow. Ask for everything that you want, every day until we meet again. Share with me what you have asked for, and how you’ve asked and I will support you in asking more deeply and more honestly. I won’t concern us with what results, because your power to shape destiny is unquestionable. We need only to concern ourselves with your trusting this – trusting your weird – and acting on it, freely, openly, constantly, and without shame.

Dear Woman, 

Through my being a champion for my client, Inanna, she has taken and run with all of what I’ve shared above and more. As a fully expressed woman and leader, she has created high-profile clients on the world stage in business, politics, and entertainment. She is making twenty times more money than when we met. With this income, she has retired her husband, bought a 5000 sq ft dream home and moved her family across the country, and put her kids in the best schools. Clients fly from around the world to be with her in person, in weird rituals and in dreamscapes, investing at levels that would make most people’s heads spin. She is a marvel, as she was when we met. The only difference now is that she feels safe and secure in allowing everyone to know her this way. 

I am a champion for you too, Dear Woman, getting out of your own way in the act of revealing to the world who you really are. 

I am a champion for you overcoming the shame of your greatness. I am a champion for you not shrinking in shyness at the sight of your own grandiosity.

When you come to know your weird, not as an oddness about you, but as your power to control fate – and when you trust that your loving heart is sufficient to have this power touch the world in ways that give beauty rather than take – you will open and you will speak and an empire will rise up around you.

I am champion for you realizing the Empress within you; for you feeling your power to rule with a soft and open hand.

Loving us all, JPM