Dear Woman

[Whether you’re a man or a woman, please follow what I write here and in the articles that follow for the possibilities it creates for you. For the men in particular, please read with a listening for the possibility of who you can be with and for the women in your life.]

Dear Kalpna,

You can do anything you want in this life. You can be an amazing, present mother as well as an expert in wine who is recognized on the world stage. 

You can learn to drive late in life. You can learn to swim at forty five years old. You can give birth, twice, with only your breath. 

Your name, Kalpna, meaning ‘imagination’ is not a coincidence. You are a master of manifesting your dreams with your powerful mind. 

You are strong, you are brave, you are intelligent, you are beautiful, you are funny, you are a provider of peace and nourishment for everyone you meet. 

My sister, Kristin, spoke words of truth in her speech at our wedding; you are the world’s most patient woman for your willingness to marry me. You meet my tenacity with majesty and grace. 

You are the fierceness of a giant in the body of an angel. 

There is not a person in this world, and especially not a man, capable of denying you your desire when love fills your heart and the wind of your own belief is at your back. When you fill your own sails, you take us all with you. 

This world is your empire. Rule it. Rule it as Empress. Let not a personal trauma, societal structure or cultural expectation hold you back. 

When you waver in your certainty, when you doubt your power, when you are filled with hurt or rage, come to me and seek counsel. Each and every time, as your champion, I will lay murder and waste to the ideas and ideals that stand in your way. I will help you to turn your obstacles into paths, to alchemize your pain and hate into love and grace. Back towards the world you will walk and the crowd will rise as you take the stage.

This is my commitment to you, Dear Woman, not as your husband, not as your friend, but as a man and as your Champion. 

When Gandhi was asked how he developed the capacity for non-violence with which he used to lead India’s peaceful liberation from British rule, he answered simply that he set himself the goal of having not a single violent thought towards his wife.

In a similar way, not only is all the work I do with my clients forged in the workshop of my home, but more specifically, the space I am able to hold for women and the counsel I am able to provide them is sourced in who I continuously challenge and create myself to be for my wife Kalpna. 

In the same way that I create myself and my wife, I create all of my clients. 

Let’s not be mistaken. The power is not in me. This is not a transfer of something from one to another.

In partnership, my client’s receptivity to my offerings of insight and perspective provides for the conception of greater possibilities in them and their life. 

If receiving my regular, deep, and challenging support in the context of a conversation sounds appealing to you, then please reach out and let me know. 

Following your invitation, we will explore what we will create that would make such an investment far more than worthwhile. 

Loving you, JP