Delude Yourself to Create a Wonderful Life

When I’m conscious, I operate from the perspective that anything another person does that I don’t like is being created by me. I mean this in two ways.

First, that I am creating my experience of another person’s behavior as undesirable by how I’m thinking about it. (i.e. If I believe it’s disrespectful to show up late, I feel hurt.)

Second, that I am the cause of another person’s behavior through something I am doing or someone I am being. This could be active (i.e. I’m being an ass) or passive (i.e. I’m not doing what the person wants).

I choose this perspective not because it’s ‘true’, but because of the power it gives me to create what I love.

What I love most is to be at peace, to enjoy my life and to have a heart filled with love and generosity.

Following that, I love all the things the material world has to offer. Deep and intriguing conversation, intellectual advancement, physical fitness, being outdoors, exciting adventures, delicious food, great sex, beautiful places, fast cars, loud music, technical innovations and so on.

Creating the material is so much more available to me when I am at peace and filled with love and joy.

Am I deluding myself when I take the perspective that everything is created by me?


But if all of my relationships and my material results keep showing up to meet these delusions, then who’s to say it’s such a bad thing?

At the end, we can tally up our experiences of being alive. We can compare a life lived with a focus on ‘evidenced reality’ against a life lived with a focus on ‘what is loved’ and see which life was fuller and more enjoyed.

I’m gambling on the latter. But I’ll see you at the finish.

Loving you (because of the life it creates), JP ??❤️