Doubt is the Call of Belonging

Last night, I had a conversation with a mentor. He is someone that I have looked up to and admired for a long time.

We spoke about how conscious leadership is slowly making its way into realms where there is an absolute political and corporate power.

The light is getting in.

My mentor expressed doubt as to whether or not the rise in conscious leadership would make a meaningful difference and I reminded him of something that he shared recently.

He said “He is going to win. That’s not a prediction, it’s a declaration.”

This is super aligned my belief that we speak as a means of creating, not predicting, the future.

I shared with my mentor that the light that is getting in will reach a tipping point and everything will change. I said, “That’s not a prediction, that’s a declaration.”

As I was writing this morning I was considering how doubt is actually beautiful.

To be disappointed that a mentor has doubt is disempowering. 

Instead, I saw an opportunity for us to support each other. My mentor has been inspiring me for a long time and for me to breathe life back in that direction was very meaningful for me.

Doubt is a healthy response to the illusion of separation as it is an indicator that we have disconnected from others.

What if the desire for encouragement is the attractive force that holds us together with other people? 

If I didn’t need other people to keep me at my highest capacity of certainty then I would be a lone wolf, and as we know, lone wolves die in the wild.

The pack is needed and togetherness is functional.

Doubt is a sign that we’ve cut ourselves off. We live in a culture where doubt is weakness and we are supposed to independently maintain certainty and belief. This idea is powerfully championed in the world of personal development but this hyper-individualism is paradoxically toxic. 

Doubt is a beautiful call to togetherness. Being in togetherness with other human beings who are also inspired by you and admire you is a powerful tool for your growth. 

Today consider where the doubts you have are not in fact an indicator of your weakness after all, but a call for togetherness, support and encouragement.

Loving us all, JPM