Escape the Hiring a Coach Catch-22

‘I want you to be my coach someday’ is something I hear often.

There are two problems with this.

THE FIRST PROBLEM is the idea that typically sits behind it:

‘I don’t have enough money to hire the coach that can help me make more money.’

This catch-22 is a lie.

There are two ways out:

A) Take out a loan to hire the coach. You get to decide whether it will be an expense or an investment by how you see yourself. In your heart, decide if you are an asset or a liability. If the former, then you’re just like every other business on the planet that leverages debt to scale rapidly. If the latter, then you may as well just blow the money on junk. Be an asset and invest proudly in yourself.

B) Grow your income to hire the coach. The primary obstacle in your creating the money to hire the coach is your belief that you need to learn something from them first in order to make that happen. While it may absolutely be true that they can help you grow dramatically, you thinking it is required is a massive abdication of your power and response ability. Letting this belief go will create the space for you to be enough to create more income now.

THE SECOND PROBLEM is with the word ‘someday’.

Although it is an honest expression of your not knowing, it is disempowering because this not knowing is not an openness to possibility, but an abdication of power to act and make manifest.

Rather than placing your future in the perpetually distant ‘someday’, placing it on a specific date that moves steadily towards you is a much more functional act of creation.

If you’re anything like most people, speaking a date in the face of uncertainty makes you nervous.

‘Maybe I’ll just go eat a cookie…’ ?

Loving you, JP ❤️