Free the Fear and Do It Every Way

One way of combatting fear is to use the well-known philosophy ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’.

While this can be pragmatic, it actually limits your power to create to utilizing the ‘fight’ response. This approach is fatiguing and also only fulfilling in the outcome (as relief) rather than inside the work itself.

Consider this alternative strategy:

Free the fear and do it every way.

When learning The Creating Perspective, you discover that fear is created by how you conceptualize the world and how you view yourself.

Here is a short summary on how to approach the above:

1. Uncover the hidden beliefs that create the context which make your fears possible.

2. Look behind these beliefs to find what it is you actually care about.

3. Once you find what you value, construct a belief that changes the context. You will then immediately be ‘free’ of the fear.

4. Give away what you care about everywhere and everyway. This will undermine your fears and set you free in an even more profound way.

This is powerful creation on a very different level than you’ve probably considered before.

Loving you, JPM ❤️