Give Me The Lever of Your Mind And I Will Move Your World

When I look back over the eight years of my work as a coach, the common thread I see is that every conversation has been a dance.

A dance between the way someone sees their world and the way that I can see it through their speaking.

The music is their life and business, but I lead the dance of our dialogue. I suggest where to step and when to turn.

When you are open, when you are willing to follow, our dancing comes to life and together we discover (or more accurately, ‘create’) completely new ways of seeing that make inevitable new ways of being.

Importantly to my clients, there is no step or turn I suggest which I have not already taken myself, many times over.

My certainty in leading is through having done the dance before, having been lead by enlightening books and evolved mentors, having been willing to follow.

As I look back over not only my eight years as a coach, but over two decades of my relentless commitment to realizing myself, the one ability I have more certainty in than anything else is that if and when someone gives me authentic and receptive access to their mind, I am able through a dance of dialogue to create with them ways of seeing and being that alter their experience of life and change their world forever.

You cannot unsee depth and breadth.
You cannot remove access to your power.

Recently I’ve had people fly from Pennsylvania, New York City and London to spend one day at my studio in LA dancing with me. I am both honored for their willingness and certain our dance was and will be one of the best investments of their life.

If you’d like to dance too, get in touch.

Give me the lever of your mind and I will move your world.

*This photo of me was taken in 2006 in the Himalayas after a silent 10 day meditation retreat with Tibetan monks in India.