How Do I Confirm if My Plan is Realistic?

“How do I confirm whether the business I plan to build is realistic, or just wishful thinking?”

This question, from a member of The Creating Community, is a perfect example of how a question points towards the true problem that needs to be resolved before success can occur.

Wanting confirmation before proceeding with a new venture creates a problem because your willingness to not succeed is the source of your capacity to succeed.

Having a plan is only useful as long as the plan remains in service of your venture. More helpful than a plan is the willingness to repeatedly course-correct in response to what arises on the path of Creating.

How realistic something is can only be defined relatively.

Many people live unhappy lives because they do only what they have learned through their relationships with others is the most realistic path to success.

Being unrealistic is to throw off the chains of relative knowledge. Being unrealistic is the only way to create extra-ordinary success.

Loving you, JP❤️