How do I Know if This Will be Worth the Investment?

If you’ve ever asked yourself the question, “How do I know whether Creator’s Circle will be worth the investment?”, I’d like to share with you what I point out to people whenever they ask me that question.

First and foremost, that your curiosity demonstrates you are seriously considering joining us.

Sometimes the most useful thing a question can offer is insight into where we are coming from. Our uncertainty always emerges from certainty about something else.

Next I’d love to share the second thing I share with people who ask me this question.

Wanting me to explain what your return on investment will be, puts the responsibility for this return outside of yourself.

If you are asking this question, this may be our first opportunity to help you see how your agency and influence is determined by where you put your focus.

Your certainty in your own commitment to creating results that are valuable to you is foundational in your power to create.

When I hired my own coach, Steve Hardison, I had a wave of fear as soon I had sent him the money for our work.

“What if he dies and I lose all the money I paid?”

Inquiring inwardly, I discovered I had put my results in Steve’s hands. To create differently, I enlisted my favorite principal from the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius:

“What stands in the way, becomes the way.
The impediment to action, advances action.”

I decided for myself that even if Steve died, I would continue to fly to Phoenix to sit in his office by myself, read his notes and his books, and create my return on investment without him. (Luckily he managed to stay alive, which was a bonus!)

If you are deciding to join Creator’s Circle and find yourself asking “Will this be worth the investment?”, I invite you to reflect on whether your hesitation is actually highlighting you not being all-in on your commitment to creating your results – or if it is something specific about me or the circle.

If the latter, then please reply to this email and let’s talk about it. No question about me or Creator’s Circle should go unasked or unanswered. There is literally nothing you can ask that I would not be happy to discuss with you.

If the former however, then once you see the gap, I invite you to close it.

Closing this gap is not just about you joining Creator’s Circle today.

Closing this gap is about you accessing more power to create what you want everywhere in your life.

Your commitment creates.

Loving you, JP ❤️

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