How to Align With Your Declarations

Do you find your way of being is not in alignment with what you speak about yourself?

Speaking alone won’t change anything.

The words are just a conduit for change. You need to move emotional energy with those words to have them come to life in you.

A simple process you can use to achieve this is ‘Speak-See-Feel’.

Speak who you are and then in your mind’s eye see that concept actualized in some setting past or future. See yourself being that with someone or something.

As you see it, get curious about what that feels like. Look for the feeling in the seeing.

As you begin to feel it, you can repeat the process by speaking the same thing and seeing it more clearly or seeing something else. The more times you cycle it, the bigger the feeling will get.

This is how speaking can create you. This is real magic.

אברא כדברא

Loving you, JP ??❤️

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