How to Be Free

1. Do Not Give a Fuck What People Think About You (by loving their freedom as much as your own).

2. Break the Rules (especially the ones you are scared to break).

3. Question Everything You Believe (about yourself and the world, including your belief that you are willing to question everything).

4. Walk Away From Everything (until you are always free to leave, and then find the freedom in staying).

5. Talk to Yourself Kindly (for there is no freedom in unkindness).

6. Do Not Bow Down to Your Feelings (they have stories to tell you, but they are not what you are).

7. Speak Your Mind (and let love teach you how to clean up the messes you make).

8. Strike Down Boredom with Presence (and the penetration of your desire).

9. Do Not Let Anyone Into Your Head Without Permission (choice is the fulcrum of your freedom, protect it at all costs).

10. Stop Second Guessing (listen for a crash behind you, but always keep your eyes forward).

11. Say No to Your Father and Mother (and make sure they can hear you).

12. Stop Trying to Get It Right (or not get it wrong, just get it).

13. Ask for What You Want (especially what seems too much or unfair).

14. Get Married or Go to Prison (see number 4).

15. Prepare to Die Today, Every Day.

16. Use Curse Words (when you don’t feel safe doing so).

17. Watch Your Thoughts (until you can see them as a waterfall).

18. Love Everyone You Meet (as your brother or sister, or best friend forever).

19. Get Naked, Literally (let your body be seen, until your covering is for them more than you).

20. Invite Complaints and Criticism (bathe in the fire they bring, for its cleansing ecstasy).

21. Let Yourself Be Guided by Impulse (until you come to distinguish the intuition within).

22. Smile First.

23. Apologize First.

24. Get Friendly with Hurting and Pain.

25. Decide Once and For All (that you are happy to be unhappy).

Loving us all, JPM