How to Be Happy – Walk Away From Everything

One of the ways I’ve learned how to be happy is to walk away from everything.

For years during my 20’s I lived nomadically buying only one way tickets around the world, moving on any time I no longer felt happy. Without hesitation, I moved on from places, relationships and circumstances that no longer felt right.

But is it possible to remain committed to marriage, raising a family, living in one place, working in the same industry and still be willing to walk away from anything that doesn’t make you happy?


Be willing to walk away from anything and everything that makes you unhappy internally.

Knowing that it is possible to physically walk away from absolutely anything makes it possible to do the same inside yourself. This is because once you access a possibility, you become able to use it in lots of ways.

Choose to unhook yourself emotionally. Walk away: inside.

Loving you, JP ❤️