How to Become More Adept at Creating Passion

If you want more passion in your life, then you need to be taking action.


Imagine you want to learn to paint. You stand in front of a blank canvas, you feel something, you imagine it, you reach out with your brush and you make your first stroke.

Your experience of making this stroke is slightly different than you imagined it would be. It looks a bit different too. This gives you feedback. You try again. Still different, but better. More feedback.

The more you do it, the more it begins to feel and look as if you imagined it would. And the more skilled your hand becomes at painting what inspires your heart.

The more this happens, the more you love to paint.

Action is crucial in creating a passionate life for two reasons:

1. Action feeds new imagination.
2. The experience of your action gives clarity as to what it is you really want.

Both of these things make you more adept at creating and making decisions from your heart.

Feel -> Imagine -> Act -> Experience -> Repeat