How to Break Phone Addiction | Digital Minimalism

I love technology and my life is filled with tech and gadgets; wearables, smart home lights, locks and cameras, Alexa, Siri, smart car, etc. However I also acknowledge the psychological impact technology has on me. Of all my devices, the one with the greatest negative impact, is the smart phone.

If you would like to improve your relationship with your partner, children and friends, then there is a healthy practice you can develop to release yourself from the addictive grip a smart phone can have on you.

Recently I bought a ‘kSafe’, which is a hard plastic box that you can lock your phone in for a set amount of time. Until the countdown ends, you have no access to your phone, which ensures it can’t distract you. (Of course you could just turn it off and put it in a drawer, but I find the kSafe to be fun and easy to use.)

From a Creating perspective, the box is not a solution, but simply a tool to help bring your attention to your inner experience of your compulsion to use your phone. You won’t know how addictive you’ve become, how compulsive your thinking has become or how much presence you’ve lost until you are without it for a couple of days.

The scarier it is for you to lock your phone up for a few days, the more sure you can be that it would serve you to so.

Loving you, JP ❤️