How to Fear Less – Repressing Vs Releasing

Do you manage fear by putting limiting thoughts and feelings aside so that you can think and feel positively?

Please stop.??‍♂️

Because you’re making it worse. ??‍♂️

Instead, use this simple self-enquiry to liberate yourself from the fear completely.

1. Finish this sentence:

“I am afraid that…X”

2. Next, find what is beneath this fear:

“I am afraid that …. X… because I am afraid that…Y”

3. Do it again:

“I am afraid that …. X… because I am afraid that…Y…because I am afraid that…Z”

Just keep going until you start to realize that you are actually OK and that even if what you fear happens, you will be OK.

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek” – Joseph Campbell

Loving you, JP