How to Get Into a Good Mood in Minutes

Depressed Person

Next time you’re down or even just in a less than spectacular mood, go ahead and try this…

Grab your headphones and find that one song that gets you feeling positive and full of energy more than any other. You might want to find a reasonably private spot, where you can at least close your eyes comfortably.

If you’re sitting, stand up.

Put the headphones on, start the song and close your eyes. Breath slowly and deeply through your nose.

Clasp both of your hands into light fists and now as the song picks up, pump your fists with each beat. Just a quick clench and release.


As you feel those small surges of energy jolt from your pumping fists through your arms, let it flow up your back, straightening your posture. Let it flow up into your head, raising your chin a bit higher each time. Let that energy spread through your lips and into your cheeks, while on it’s way pulling up and back the corners of your mouth, spreading a wide smile across your face.

Now with your eyes still closed and you still pumping your fists to the beat, feeling that energy and still breathing deeply, imagine a time when you had incredibly high energy. Remember a time your were confident and gloriously happy. See that picture or movie in your mind and then begin to analyze it.

Who else is in the memory? What perspective are you at? First person? Second person? How big is the image? Is it color or black and white? Blurry or clear?

When you have a good handle on all the qualities and aspects of that visual memory, start to intensify it. Make it bigger, brighter and more colorful. If you’re not already in first person perspective, then bring yourself into that perspective of the memory.

Once you’ve done that, do the same with the sounds of your memory. What were they? The pitch? Loudness? Speed or intensity? Voices of others or yourself? And then make everything more intense. Make the sounds louder and clearer.

If you can recall any associated smells or tastes, do so and amplify those too.

Keep pumping your fists to the beat, straighting that back, lifting that chin, widening that smile, amplifying the sights, sounds tastes and smells of that memory. You might find yourself starting to life onto your toes, wanting to jump or fly from the jolts of positive power surging through you.

Whatever your mood was when you started, by the end of the song, your mood is remarkably better. If it is anything less than the ultimate high you know you’re capable of having, then rewind and do it again.

The positive effects are compounding. Do this with intense focus and desire for ten minutes and I promise it”ll blow you away how great you’ll feel.

The more times you practice the technique, the more powerful it becomes and the easier it is to achieve. After awhile you will be able to elicit a high energy and positive mood without the music.

In the same way that Pavlov’s dog would salivate when he heard the bell ring, with ample practice, simply pumping your fists with the correct intent will be enough to send chills up your spine and take you quickly from a whatever mood to a super positive mood!

Ask questions if you have them and let me know how it goes!