How to Get Past Challenges by Changing Your Focus (Like Richard Branson)

In Richard Branson’s autobiography “Losing my Virginity” he frequently mentions calling someone of stature or fame…

My interest is on how he approaches such situations. What stood out for me here is not the overtly implied fact that he ‘just did it’, but the reoccurring inclusion of ‘picking up the phone’.

By including the words “picked up the phone” Branson is saying that calling people of stature or fame is as simple as picking up the phone.

However on a deeper level, embedded in these words, is evidence of a useful technique in overcoming otherwise challenging obstacles.

If calling someone is difficult, it’s certainly at least a bit easier once the phone is in your hand. (Like going for a run is easier once you have your running shoes on.)

This is not the big idea though. The big idea is where Branson’s (and your) attention goes. Branson’s primary attention is not on calling, but on picking up the phone.

Instead of focusing on making that phone call, focus on picking up the phone.

Instead of focusing on going for a run, focus on putting your shoes on each morning.

Change your focus and find yourself slipping past challenges like Richard Branson.