How to Have Success – Create vs Make

[ New Distinctions for Entrepreneurs – Part 12 of 12 ]

To ‘make’ something is to bring it into form of your own accord. It is to be the full cause for a thing’s existence.

When we use the word ‘create’ however, there is a subtle knowing that while we were instrumental in that thing coming into form, there was also an aspect of that birthing that was beyond us.

In truth, all ‘creation’ is ‘co-creation’. When we use the word ‘create’, we automatically acknowledge that although we bring our will and action, we are not alone as creators. We honor the understanding that there is an unfolding with which we are dancing. Create is a word we typically ascribe to artistic endeavors and with art, we know there is also unfolding of the will and actions of other people, the unfolding of our own unconscious spirit, the unfolding constant evolution of the physical forms around us and the unfolding of all time and space.

As entrepreneurs, when we choose to ‘create our success’ instead of ‘make it happen’, we are embracing the unfolding as part of the dance.

When trying to ‘make it happen’ we are in a boat rowing as hard as we can.

When being committed to ‘creating success’, we are still in a boat, but instead we are raising a sail and tilling a rudder as we embrace the chaos of the wild and uncertain world.

Creating is not only a powerful way to bring things into form in the world, it’s also a much more fulfilling experience.

No fight. Just flow.

This is why my entire orientation is around helping entrepreneurs to not only be successful, but to be so through being powerful Creators.